Hey, All!  Another day with Victoria here, and today I ask you all something so let's get down to business, shall we?  To start off I first got the idea for this question from fellow NA Sister Jaycee Delorenzo, so shout out to her!

Since we have both readers of NA and writers of NA out there I have two questions so everyone can play along, woohoo!

For Writers:

May I ask you about your current New Adult WIP (Writing In Progress)?

Tell us about it.  After all, hopefully we should all be reading your NA books in the future.  So why don't you give us a snapshot of what you're writing.  What's it called?  What's it about and how far into it are you?

For Readers:

What are some of your favorite Authors?

What authors' books do you just devour by the minute because their works are so intriguing?  It can be NA or not, doesn't matter.  Just share with us who you love!

Thanks all for now.

Laterz, Peeps!