Hey, guys! Carrie here. Great news: I’ve untied myself, and they’re finally going to let me talk! :)
For your end-of-the-week entertainment, I have a story from way back in the day. Imagine, if you will, a little brick church in the middle of nowhere. It's a warm Sunday morning, the elderly are fanning themselves, and the preacher is just about to start his sermon. Then a little girl skips onto the stage. 


Said little girl, adorable in her naivety, was told by the choir director that she could perform on the stage someday. Her four-year-old mind translated this to mean a time of her choosing—a time like now—and she begins to twirl about the stage.

Her parents hide their faces in an attempt to mask their mortification  laughter. The rest of the congregation stares slack-jawed as the little girl begins to walk like an Egyptian. They do not clap.

She wanted them to clap, darn it!

She stomps to the end of the stage, plants her hands on her hips, and sticks her tongue out at the congregation. Yes, you read that correctly. She sticks her tongue out at the entire congregation. The little girl is whisked away, never to grace the stage again.

…That stage, anyway.
Walk Like An Egyptian by Bangles on Grooveshark

Tragic, isn’t it? If you need me, I’ll be dancing around my living room (where no one can stop me). ;) Have a great weekend!
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