Disclaimer: I’m no expert. As always, take this post with an opinionated grain of salt. :)

Today we’re going to discuss the New Adult category—shocking, I know—and categories, in general!

First, I should admit something: I am a nomadic info-sponge. It starts with one well-intended Internet search, and then comes the distraction. One thing leads to another. Something shiny catches my eye. I wander a bit.

Because of this, I catch a variety of posts and articles—lately, NA-centric ones. You know what I’ve learned? 

There are a few bloggers who oppose NA. (Everyone gasp now!) In the spirit of education, I’ve decided to summarize their complaints/misconceptions and answer them FAQ style:

We don't need one more category clogging up our bookshelves!

Hey, change is scary. I get that. But have you thought about it this way? Cross-category markets (like NA, which bridges the gap between YA and Adult) promote reading in both categories. It broadens horizons. It blends readerships. Win, win!

As for bookshelves, there are three schools of thought here:
  1. NA could comfortably fit into the adult category. It’d be harder to find, but at least it’d have a home.
  2. Same thing with YA.
  3. Four words: E-book Revolution. No shelves.
The ever-evolving publishing landscape will probably be the judge of this one. We’ll keep you posted. :) 

This is condescending. When I was that age, I wore artsy glasses, sipped lattes, and read the classics!

I wear artsy glasses, too! Only when I’m on the computer, though.

…What was I saying? Oh, right.  Are you assuming these market categories are strictly targeting a demographic that small? Believe me, these books are not written with only college-aged readers in mind. What about the “adults” who remember and relate to that stage of life? What about the curious teens, looking forward to their first taste of freedom? You don’t have to be 18-26 to enjoy these books.

Let’s try a different angle.

Show of hands, who likes The Lion King? It’s rated ‘G’ and, according to the Motion Picture Association of America, contains, “…nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that, in the view of the Rating Board, would offend parents whose younger children view the motion picture. “ Do you have to be a kid to enjoy this movie? Of course not. The category—or in this case, the rating—is simply telling you what to expect. Same with NA (and YA, for that matter). :)

This is another one of those marketing schemes. Marketing is the devil!

…Did you know my background is in marketing? :) I promise, I’m not [that] evil. This niche was formed because there was a gap in fiction. Traditional categories overlooked an important stage of life, and readers demanded its representation. NA, like other market categories, benefits the reader.

Don’t write NA. You’ll never get published.

My NA paranormal romance, STRENGTH, is coming 03/07/13 from Sapphire Star Publishing. Last week, Victoria  announced a deal with Curiosity Quills, and Juliana signed with Lyrical right after.

NA is happening! :)

There you have it! Agree? Disagree? Have a question? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Have a great week!

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