The pitch contest is here!
Let us get to it.
Writers, are you ready?

For those of you who are just joining the Alley today, well, you picked a lovely day to stop by! Agent (with ADA management group) and author Lauren Hammond is judging a pitch contest. You can find out more about Lauren at ADA Management and at her website. 
For more information, check out our announcement post.
For a post on pitches, check out a post Juliana did last month.

The rules:

-Your manuscript must be COMPLETE and polished.
-It must be in the New Adult (NA) category to be considered.
-The submission window is open today from 12:01 am EST and will remain open until 75 pitches are submitted OR until 11:59 pm EST, whichever comes first.
-To enter, leave a comment with the following:

·         Name:
·         Email:
·         Title:
·         Genre:
·         Word Count:
·         Blurb:
·         First 250 Words:

The blurb is where your pitch skills come in. The blurb should be no more than 200 words and is similar to the pitch paragraph in your query.

*If you are agented, please discuss entering this contest with your agent before entering. Also mention that in your pitch.
*Please no questions in this comment area. If you have questions regarding the contest, please leave them in the comments on the announcement post or email us.

The winners will be chosen by Lauren Hammond and we will post the results on the blog within two weeks. Lauren may request partials or fulls from the pitch winners.

****** I know this is a late note, guys, but Lauren replied to one of our questions recently. She does NOT accept novellas.**************

AND GO!!!!