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Calling all READERS:

What do lists and ranks mean to you? 
Do you base what books you read or your to-be-read pile on lists like NYT Bestsellers Lists or the amazon ranking lists? And if so, does the sort of list matter?

And how about reviews? Do you read reviews before you buy a book? Does the actual review make a difference or do you just look at how many stars the book was given?

You know those things on Amazon, right above the review, that say "a zillion people found this review helpful" or "a zillion people found this review unhelpful"? Does that ever impact what you read?

I'll be honest--I rarely read reviews before I read a book. Very rarely. I sometimes read reviews after I finish the book because I always like seeing what other people thought/liked/didn't like about things in books. I also don't know where the book reading is on a list or where it ranks. It doesn't really matter, to me.

But I see a lot of this lately and, even though these things don't really influence what I read, I'm not crazy about what I'm seeing--

Authors asking people to do things that will increase their ranking and "likes" and "stars" and so on. I have no problem with authors wanting people who have read their books to give support. We need support as authors. I may not use them, but reviews can be very very beneficial to authors. So, yes, if you have read something and you loved it, like the author, give them stars, give them reviews. 

But what about when they are asking people who have never read their book? What do you guys, as readers, think about authors asking for reviews from someone who hasn't read the book? 
What about authors asking people to "find this review unhelpful" because the reviewer didn't like the book--not because the review itself was unhelpful or bad.

What do you guys think? Do you think asking those sort of favors crosses a line for authors and portrays what may not be accurate? Do you even care about those reviews and ranking and all of that?

As readers, do you have standards you hold authors to when it comes to these sort of things?


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