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Monday, July 30, 2012

All's Fair in Blogs and War! Book Fair Winners!

I want to thank everyone who entered the All's Fair in Blogs and War book fair!

I'm sorry I didn't answer anyone's posts and thank Carrie for doing so since I was away at RWA Nationals!

 The last giveaway ended about 15 minutes ago, so here are all the winners.  I will be sending your name and address to the authors and they will be contacting your shortly about your prize.

Congrats to the following people:

Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez
 Winner:  Christina G.
Broken by C.K. Bryant
Winner:  Kaia
Cursed by Tara Brown
 Winner:  Amber G.
Bane by Tara Brown
Winner:  Sara N.

Tales from the Hollow Tree by Isabelle Santiago 
Winner:  Carolyn B.

Five by Christie Rich
Winner:  Amber G

Five by Christie Rich 
Winner:  Stephanie P.

The Guardian's Mark by Isabelle Santiago
 Winner:  Margaret

Dark Matter by Christie Rich
Winner:  Melissa M.

Dark Matter by Christie Rich
Winner:  Jennifer B.

3 book Prize Pack of Five, Dark Matter and Genesis by Christie Rich
Winner:  Brooke R.

Yay!  Congrats to all the winners!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Using to Promote NA!!!

Hey, friends!  Victoria here, and today's post is about the website!!!

Now, there has been a lot of buzz about, both amazing and both not so amazing, but I'm here today to show you how you can utilize this stellar website to promote NA!

So you may be asking how can this site be used to promote new adult fiction?  Well, I'm about to tell you.

Goodreads can be used for many things.  You can make a list of the books you want to read, see what your friends are reading, and lead people to books that are similar to the awesome book you just read by creating a "list" of like books.  With these things in mind, I'm about to give you three ways you can use this site to promote NA.

1.  Tag the book you're reading as "New Adult" with "shelf" feature

Every book you read has a little feature underneath it to tag books called a shelf.  That is literally what it is.  You are "shelving" a book or classifiying it whether by genre (example: paranormal) or category (example: new adult). 

The first shelf is usually add the book to your "to-read" shelf.  After that, you can start tagging your book different things.  It can be anything like: "awesome book" or "angels."  These tags group together if others do the same thing after they read the book, which helps other users "see" what's inside the book.  

Let's use Lynn Rush's new adult paranormal romance, Wasteland, as an example.

Every page for a book looks like this:

 To "shelf" something as new adult just click "edit shelves" and box will expand at the bottom as you can see by the picture below.  Enter "new adult" in this box.

It will then add your book to the genres and categories on the side bar.  This is one reason why shelving is important.  That green clickable icon labeled "See top shelves" will take you to another page.

As you can see from the picture below, there is a list that shows what Wasteland has been "shelved" as by other users on Goodreads.  The more people who "shelve" something as "new adult" the higher up it will be on the "See top shelves" list.  This is why it's important to shelf titles as "new adult."  The more people who label it as such the higher it will go up on the list and...


Every time you "shelf" a book as "new adult" it goes to this page below.  (The link to the "new adult" page is here by the way ;D)  The only way knows to put a book on this page is if YOU, as the reader, shelf your book that way.  They take the book you labeled and put it there for others to see.  This is why shelving is important.  If the book is not "shelved" by us as "new adult" it goes unlisted as such. is very much a community site.  It relies on the reader to list the books and categorize them in the right categories.  So shelf those books peeps!  The more we shelve the more options we have to read!!!

2. Create and Participate in Listopia Lists has a feature where you can create "lists" of books for other people to view.  They can be anything.  Some of my personal favorites are "college romance" (romances set in college)  "New Adult Literature".  These lists have been created by users to help other users find books similar to the ones they've read.  

Participate in these lists by adding your own "new adult" reads that you've found to it like I have on the right side of the picture above.  I saw three "new adult" books that weren't on the list so I added them.  

It's imporant to create lists because you can make unique ones.  Say you like New Adult science fiction.  Create a list titled "New Adult Science Fiction" and then every time you find a book like that add it.  Others will do the same, and before you know it, there will be a bunch of that type of book there. 

Be unique! Be free!  Create "New Adult Angels" (NA books with Angels) "New Adult Urban Fantasy" or "New Adult Distopian."  Heck, if you wanted a NA book about characters who drive pink Volkswagen Beetles you could make it. (I don't advise this, just saying ;D)

But whatever you do, know someone else is out there probably looking for that type of book, too.  Help them out by making lists!  You'll be helping yourself too because they will add books to it as well!

3. Rate and Review New Adult Books

Here is my last way you can promote NA reads on and perhaps the most important.  Write a review, or if you don't want to do that, just add some stars to it.  Books that have stars rankings to them, rise higher in the ratings, therefore they're seen by more people.  So star and review those NA reads, my friends!  It will get them seen by more readers out there!

So, there you have it. Three ways you, as a reader, can promote NA fiction :D

Leave your Goodreads link below in the comments and we can follow you!

Happy Goodreading, my friends!

Oh, and one small reminder about NaLitChat!  We had an awesome first session last week talking about all things new adult fiction on Twitter and we'd love for you to join us again this Thursday at 9pm EST.  Just use hashtag #NaLitChat.  Follow @NaLitChat today for updates!  I'm modding this week :D, so I hope to see you there!!!

Blogger Book Fair Day 4 - NA Author Lisa Sanchez

Hi, all!  For today's book fair feature, we’re highlighting New Adult author Lisa Sanchez!

Name of your book(s): Eve Of Samhain, Pleasures Untold. Faythe Reclaimed

Genre:  Paranormal romance, New Adult


Eve of Samhain blurb:

As a college senior and server at Hanaford Park's hottest nightclub, twenty-one year old Ryann Pierce's plan was simple: work hard, make lots of money, and avoid the ass-grabbers at all costs. What she never planned for was Quinn Donegan—the living, breathing advertisement for sinful behavior that waltzed into her life.

With an angelic face, a hard body and a butt-load of charm, Quinn had a way with the ladies—a lot of ladies. Cursed with a deadly, addictive touch, his trail of indiscretion blazed across five hundred years. Tired and jaded, Ryann is a shocking revelation Quinn didn't see coming.

Filled with desire, yet unable to touch one another, Ryann and Quinn embark on a daunting journey, battling frustrating physical limitations while exploring their new love. In a race against the clock, Ryann learns she must plead for Quinn's life before…the Eve of Samhain. Determined to end her lover's suffering, not even the danger dogging her every move can keep her from her mission.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I'm a stay at home mom to three daughters, all who participate in All Star cheerleading. I love reality television, chocolate, shopping and books. Writing is my passion, and I feel blessed to be able to share my work with the world!

What about the NA Genre appeals to you?
I love the NA genre because it features characters who are going through a major transition. No longer kids in high school, the characters are usually struggling to make their way through college or a new career while learning how to live on their own. Throw romance/conflict in on top of that, and you've got the makings for some great reading.

What are some of your favorite NA Reads?
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Flat Out Love by Jessica Park. Easy by Tammara Webber.

Find Lisa Sanchez on the Web:
Goodreads -

Also, one lucky winner will be receiving a digital copy of:
Eve Of Samhain.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Day 3 - NA Author C.K. Bryant

Well, it's day 3 of the book fair and have I got another treat for you!  Today we're being visited by author C.K. Bryant!

Name of your books:

BOUND (#1 in THE CRYSTOR Series)
by C.K. Bryant

YA/NA Romantic Fantasy
When a photo shoot ends in tragedy, Kira discovers her best friend, Lydia, has been keeping a secret. Knowing the truth, and accepting it, will change Kira’s life forever and thrust her into a world of ancient curses, magical objects, and savage enemies. What happens next will challenge everything Kira knows about her world, herself and the shape-shifting warrior she’s falling in love with. No longer the timid mouse her mother accused her of being, but a woman who finds the mental and physical strength to endure and survive.

by C.K. Bryant

YA/NA Romantic Fantasy

With Kira injured and dying, Octavion's last hope is to plead with the king of Panthera for a cure. But King Ramla's magic isn't free. The price he asks Octavion to pay goes against everything he's fought so hard to protect and could destroy his bond with Kira. Will Octavion trade his crown and swear allegiance to a kingdom feared by all, or will he sacrifice the woman he loves to remain faithful to his father and Xantara? Find out when BROKEN takes you on a journey into the savage and unpredictable world of Ophira.

C.K. Bryant - I've always been a writer. Even before I could compose a single word with pen, I scribbled my version of cursive along the open page just to see what it looked like. As a teen, I swiped my dad's old Royal typewriter so my muse could breathe life into what my vivid imagination had created.

I've spent the last twenty-five years married to the man of my dreams and raising our two sons. After helping run the family restaurant for most of our marriage, I've finally broken away to pursue my dream of being an author.

When I'm not with my family or tickling the computer keys, I love camping, reading, scrapbooking, listening to all kinds of music, and making new friends.

I'm currently living in the middle of sage brush and lava rock with a spectacular view of the Snake River Canyon in South Central Idaho.


TWITTER ( or @AuthorCKBryant

What about the NA Genre appeals to you?
  - I love writing NA because I have a lot more freedom with my characters. For one thing, I don't always have to deal with parent issues and my characters are a bit more mature. I find they have more depth and can handle bigger, more mature life issues. I think my voice is too old for 13-16 year olds and I much prefer being in the head of a 17-24 year old. :-)

What are some of your favorite NA Reads?
I thought Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire was pretty good. I've also read Hushed, by Kelly York and it was a good read. I need to seek out more NA novels to read. Obviously. :-)

Bound is free for everyone, but C.K. Bryant will be donating a copy of Broken to one lucky reader!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Day 2 - NA Author Tara Brown

Hi, all, I'm back again with another fab author of New Adult fiction:  Tara Brown!

Name of your books 
My books are The Devil's Roses Series. It is a nearly completed series. The first Book is Cursed, Second is Bane, Third is Hyde and the Fourth that is about to be released is Witch. The Fifth book will release end of this summer/early fall.

Older YA Urban Fantasy, Definitely in the NA  area as far as age and content go. You know the old adage, 'Write what you know', well I cuss and have carnal knowledge of members of the opposite sex.



You like?  I'm her book designer.  :D


The Devil's Roses starts us off with Cursed, where we meet Aimee James. She is a regular girl who has recently lost her mother in a tragic accident. She is a sarcastic nerd who has no desire to fit in or secretly be a part of the popular kids. She is eighteen and never had a boyfriend. She sits with the mathletes and chem nerds and daydreams about university. The one secret she has is her crush on her sister's boyfriend. Aimee has a twin sister who is evil and scheming and gorgeous.  She cons Aimee into going to a party where Aimee is drugged and nearly dies. In the brief moment she is separated from her body she sees a man, he saves her. This is the catalyst that pushes Aimee into a world she never even imagined existed. She finds herself dying and confused in the hospital, where she is given the choice to live. She takes the life being offered and soon realizes she can't have both worlds. She wont ever finish high school or go to college. She becomes a threat to everyone around her.

In Bane we meet a lot more characters. Ari is one of the main POV's in the story. She couldn't be more plain and predictable, until one day when something happens that changes everything in her world. With a touch of her hands, she sends her uncle back to the past where a major decision was made concerning her. Suddenly as if the fabric of time has shifted, she is standing alone in an alley in an unknown city. She is covered in tattoos and pierced in places she didn't realize could be pierced. On the verge of a panic attack, she discovers she isn't alone in the alley. A kindly old woman named Lydia is with her. She agrees to go home with Lydia where she discovers a ghostly maid, a death dealer named Aimee, shifters, The Devil, fallen angels and a past that cant possibly fit. Ari must learn to control her talents, which were brought on by age. She must also learn to cope with her new memories. Aimee is the other POV in Bane. She has spent a year and a half with the Roses learning to control her new instincts and cravings. She is no longer the quiet nerd, she has blossomed into a full fledged death dealer. She works for the Roses as a member of the elite team of immortals who protect humans against the things that go bump in the night. After leaving her home town and losing everything she starts to discover somethings are worth fighting for.

Hyde is about a girl named Hanna who wakes alone and terrified inside the trunk of a moving car. She is sore and her clothing is tattered, which leads her to believe she has been attacked and possibly raped. As the car parks her worst nightmares are revealed. She witnesses a mysterious death dealer named Aimee suck the soul from her father as his dying wish. Shock and confusion fill her as she is forced down a path of discovery where she learns why her own father abandoned her and what her life will soon be like. The black outs and blood upon her hands are the least of things she must worry about. She teams up with a charming man she is unable to resist named Marcus, who turns out to be more than she ever imagined. As secrets are revealed at every turn Hanna finds herself lost and afraid of everyone, including herself.  The story also follows Aleksander. After trading everything to save Aimee and confessing his father's involvement in crimes Aimee finds unbearable to cope with, Aleks finds himself a Rose. He has avoided Lucifer and her band of merry men for centuries. Suddenly he is signed on and expected to abandon his search for his father and join the ranks. Doing his duty to the Roses he discovers a sick and misused Giselle in a dirty blood bar where vampires mistreat humans savagely. He risks everything again, in an attempt to save her and find meaning in his existence. The cost this time is higher than he ever imagined it would be.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am actually a chef, which is weird, right? I don't work as a chef because my husband is a federal police officer. We get moved a lot and with our two kids still being fairly little, it's hard for me to work. He doesn't exactly work bank hours. So I am a stay at home mom for now. I have two girls, both amazing and beautiful people. It's a great accomplishment seeing the amazing humans you've made, obviously besides my other children, Aimee and Ari and Shane and Aleks and Hanna. I have an amazingly supportive husband, he reads everything and helps me when I block up and get lost. He lets me get lost in my world where I don't cook or clean or do any of those stay at home mom jobs. The dust bunnies are actually becoming pets, I honestly could feed them. I have been writing for ever, not even kidding. Grade one my tales in the 'what did you do this weekend' writing books were epic. I'm sure my mom got a few phone calls from teachers. I have been published several times in poetry and newspapers. It's always been my thing. I am a pot stirrer and loud mouth with an adventurous imagination. Might be the worst combination ever. Writing is my life. I mean my kids and my husband are my life and I like to write. Oh who am I kidding.

What about the NA Genre appeals to you?

Getting lost in a story and feeling every brush of his lips against hers or his fingers trailing up her bare back. Seeing the magical places I've never been to and living the life I will never live. Feeling the hesitation and build up of young love that creates angst and pleasure simultaneously. The ability to put every emotion and expectation into a new relationship. As adults we are jaded, we are educated in the pain we have experienced. I will never put my entire heart and soul into a new relationship, time and experience has taught me this is a bad idea. But I still want to relive that feeling of completely and foolishly trusting someone. YA is the greatest experience for an older reader who doesn't want to relive it for real, but wants to get lost again, for an afternoon. The problem with YA is the lack of action. Hand holding and peck kisses but building up sexual tension and then offering nothing beyond that, is frustrating for anyone who is older than sixteen. I want my love to be more real than the 'I loved him at recess and then by lunch I loved someone else', unless of course there is something supernatural involved and the feelings are manipulated. But even then I want more, I want sex and swearing but combined with the newness of YA. NA is the perfect genre if you ask me. It's the YA we all love and need but satisfying and real like the adult genre.

What are some of your favorite NA Reads?
P.C. Cast is for sure more NA than YA. I have loved her books. Kelly Armstrong. Nicky Charles.

My Facebook page for The Devils Roses is
Twitter is @TaraBrown22

You can check Tara out at Self-Publish or Die on August 4th, where she'll be talking NA. 
Digital copies of Cursed and Bane

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogger Book Fair Kickoff! - NA Authors Isabelle Santiago and Christie Rich!

Hi, all!  Jaycee here, and today is the kickoff of the All's Fair in Blogs and War!  Book Fair!  And we're kicking things off here with a bang today by featuring two awesome New Adult authors and a generous giveaway where 7 lucky readers will walk away with titles from these two lovely ladies! 

First up is an awesome chica I’ve known for the last decade:   Isabelle Santiago

Name of your books

The Guardian's Mark, Book 1 of The Guardian Circle Series
Tales From the Hollow Tree, Volume 1: Stories of Enchantment and Desolation
Genre: Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy


In Zerah, Guardians of Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Life and Death are chosen by The Beings to serve their people. Able to feel emotions The Beings cannot, the six keep their world, and each other, balanced.

Guardians live and die together, but when Kieran is born with marks that prove he is the Guardian of Death, his mother risks her life to conceal him instead of giving him up to the Temple. When an attempt to heal him of the burdens of the Guardianship goes horribly wrong, Kieran is suddenly brought to the attention of the High Priests and forced into servitude to a people who have shunned his very existence. 

He resents his position and all that it entails. It has cost him everything: his freedom, his family. Expected to live and study with the other Guardians, learn the right ways to use his power, Kieran is an outsider among his own kind until he finds the one person who can see the man beneath Death's mask.

Amaya, the embodiment of Water, breaks through his bitter shell and helps him to see that all of life is not bleak. But they've sworn a vow and love for one another isn't part of it. 


Ghosts, faeries, sirens, and masters of illusion dance through these pages. There's a fine line between enchantment and desolation.

Lavender Dawn by Isabelle Santiago:  She should have never let him kiss her. That first day, when she’d first laid eyes on him at the far end of the lavender fields– she’d known he wasn’t like anything else in this world. 

Trickster by Lisa Asanuma: He traveled far from his home, wandering the desert, and finally found a rock that had fallen from the sky. He walked to the vast sea, which would not be carried with him however he tried, and found a dying stone creature in the shape of a star.

Siren Song by Isabelle Santiago: He stood upon the lake’s edge. His eyes became large, obsidian pools within the looking glass. “Let me see what lies beneath.” Persuasive kisses brushed across tense shoulder blades. His Delilah tempted him, again and again, with the searing electricity of her touch. “Change for me. I am not afraid.”

Lilly’s Bridge by Lisa Asanuma: I’d always known there was something strange about Lilly of course, how she never aged or went home or got dirty, but I’d thought she was magic, some kind of fairy, maybe.
I’d never thought she might be dead.

Driftwood by Isabelle Santiago: Her song ripped tears from my eyes. My fingers clutched the sand. But it would not save me. Even if the ground opened and swallowed me whole.

Procession by Lisa Asanuma: I dreamed about the music after that. Not every night, but sometimes. I was sure it had been a fever-induced invention. Music like that wasn’t possible—or at least wasn’t anything I’d ever experienced before.

The Final Sacrifice by Isabelle Santiago: He wanted so badly to hold that hand. To rest that palm in his. He reached for it, grateful for the barrier. The moment his fingers touched the paper, it hardened into gold.

127 by Lisa Asanuma: When I saw the ship, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. A large, wooden vessel with a savagely beautiful mermaid carved into the bow, and a glimmer of gold, making the very wood gleam. 

Lucid by Isabelle Santiago: He walked toward me with strong, purposeful steps that looked… felt… solid. Despite his non-existence.

Secret Cove by Lisa Asanuma: And for a moment he wanted to—to take her skin and hide it, like the men did in the old stories, make her his in every way he could.

Tales From the Hollow Tree is a free fiction blog by Isabelle Santiago and Lisa Asanuma, who switch off every Friday and share a free short story. This is a collection of ten Hollow Tree Tales, eight previously published on the blog, and two that are exclusive to this collection. 

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Isabelle is a multi-published author who dabbles in 1950s romance, speculative science fiction, and more recently fantasy and YA. A twenty something dreamer who loves chocolate, romance novels, and heart wrenching movies, Isabelle is most comfortable on stage behind a microphone belting out her favorite karaoke tunes, or curled up in bed with a book and a cup of cocoa on a rainy night.

What about the NA Genre appeals to you? 

There's something exciting about the time in your life that the New Adult genre represents. The sense that your entire future rests on the next choice, that happily ever after is just a breath away, knowing you'll have to fight for it and being willing to because its your life and your happiness on the line. Nothing worth having comes easy, and I don't think anyone really 'gets' that until after high school. 

The characters are old enough to have true depth, true heartbreak, true love, while still being young enough to have a sense of naivete, optimism, or stubborn resolve! :)  It makes for great heroes/heroines and for truly passionate journeys with potential for lots of growth. I love those stories. 
What are some of your favorite NA Reads?

I really enjoyed Diana Peterfreund's Secret Society girl books. Actually, it was Diana's post on New Adult that first made me aware of the possibilities of the genre. I didn't like the idea of having to force a storyline into YA or adult territory if the story itself didn't call for it, and many people have had to do that in order to accommodate a market. I'm hoping her new book For Darkness Shows the Stars falls in the NA category (though categorized YA), as it caters to readers of Classic literature, being a retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion, one of my favorite and most emotionally mature of Austen's books, though the lesser known/popular. 

While my list of NA Reads is growing, some I'm desperate to get to are Tempest by Julie Cross and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (that title rocks) by Jennifer E. Smith. 

Where to find Isabelle Santiago on the web:

Lucky winners will be able to win a copies of:
Tales From the Hollow Tree Vol 1
The Guardian's Mark, Book 1.

Our next author is one whose books I've been hearing a lot about:  
Christie Rich!

Name of your book(s)
Five (Elemental Enmity Book I)
Dark Matter (Elemental Enmity Book II)
Genesis (Elemental Enmity Book III)—Will be released during the fair.
New Adult

Brief blurb of book(s)
Five:  Rayla Tate was just a child when her mother disappeared. Raised by her aunt Grace in a small town, she has been hidden from the fae who live secretly among us. When she flees her hometown hoping for the freedom of a new life, she is pulled into a world full of stunning men who are all trying to woo her. Unfortunately these men are not college students. It will take all her will to discover the truth behind their ardor, and give her the strength to overcome the dark power each one holds over her?
Dark Matter: Rayla Tate’s dreams for the future shattered when she discovered she was an Elemental capable of manipulating matter. Thrust into the age-old battle for dominance between human and fae, Rayla will face more than compulsion in the fae realms. She must risk all to save those she loves, but will she lose herself in the process? Or worse, be forever haunted by the choices only she can make?
Genesis: Having just escaped the nefarious plans of the Order, Rayla Tate thinks all she has to do now is rescue her family and sort through her feelings. Unfortunately Tabitha informs Rayla she must choose a bondmate before she will be allowed to venture into the mortal realm to save those she loves most. However, her world crumbles when she discovers following her heart’s desire might just mean the destruction of the world.  Will Rayla have the courage to choose the man who has risked everything to win her, or will she succumb to the manipulations of the fae council and those who would use her power for evil? One choice:  five men.  The stakes have never been higher, but which one will prevail?

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up daydreaming about fairytales, and my love for discovering new worlds has never died. I am not one of those writers who always knew I would write. I thought that was what other people did until one day a few years ago, I took a challenge from a friend and typed my first words. My journey has been wonderful, and I cannot imagine a day where I would ever give up writing now. My love for reading is what fueled my imagination in the first place and still does. When I am not writing or reading, I am enjoying family time with my husband and two children. We live in a quiet community under the Wellsville mountains in Utah, and I am so thankful for the rich life I have been blessed with.
What about the NA Genre appeals to you?
Oh, I was so excited to discover the NA Genre actually existed.  Rayla, them MC of the Elemental Enmity series is just becoming a woman.  I love this time of life, where the whole world is open for you.  Every decision you make will lead to your future as an adult, and it is so important to make the right choices, to push yourself into becoming what you are truly meant to be.  Everyone says how hard the teenage years are, and I agree; but it is when you have to branch away from your family that you can discover who you are and what you are made of.  I love writing in this Genre, and I plan to continue because I feel this is a vastly overlooked market.
I’d love to hear from you.
What are some of your favorite NA Reads?
The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton is one I can highly recommend
Also, Lichgates (The Grimoire) by S.M. Boyce
I’m actually looking for other NA titles because what I have read lately have mostly been YA.  That’s why I was so pumped to find NA Alley.  I have quite a few new books on my too-read shelf, and I can’t wait to get to them.
Some lucky winners will be taking him these great giveaways!:
Five: 2 winners
Dark Matter: 2 winners
All three books (Five, Dark Matter, and Genesis): 1 winner

We're going to be featuring New Adult authors and giveaways during the entire book fair, so be sure to return tomorrow, and enter the giveaway below! 
Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Agent in the Alley: Pitch Contest with Lauren Hammond

That's right, Alley frequenters and new-comers, we're hosting our very own pitch contest here in the Alley! On August 8, Lauren Hammond (blogtwitter) of ADA Management Group has agreed to read all the pitches, and she'll request partials or fulls from the winners she chooses.


Your manuscript must be complete and polished, and it must fall into the New Adult (NA) category to be considered. The submissions window will open August 8 at 12:01 am EST and will remain open until 75 pitches are submitted OR until 11:59 pm EST. To enter, you will be required to submit via comment the following:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Word Count:
  • Blurb:
  • First 250 Words:

Your blurb should be the meaty part of your query, not over 200 words, and make sure you spend the next several weeks polishing your whole manuscript, not just that first 250 word excerpt Lauren is looking for. You do not need to follow our blog to participate -- but if you want to stay up-to-date on further details about this pitch contest, and be informed about future contests, you really should.

NOTE: If you are agented, please discuss entering such a contest with your agent before doing so. Also mention that in your pitch.


The winners will be chosen by Lauren Hammond and we will post the results on the blog within two weeks. Lauren may request partials or fulls from the pitch winners.

Spread the word!

We can't wait to see you back here on August 8 for our first pitch contest hosted here in the Alley. Please tweet, blog, chat, email, etc. about this contest.


Post them in the comments!

Monday, July 23, 2012

NA Lit Chat

Happy Monday, readers! It's Bailey here on the blog this week, and goodness do I have a lot for you! Today, I'm really excited to do a feature on something that's begun drumming up support around Twitter and the blogosphere, and it's something that's launching this week in the world of New Adult.

It is # nalitchat! 

Click image to visit
If you're active on Twitter and with books in any way -- as a reader, as a writer, as a person who just puts them on shelves -- you're probably aware of all the various Lit Chats that go on during the week. And if you're not, that's completely OK, too. Now you are officially in the know.

Each week, EJ Wesley (Twitter user, blogger, and writer) is going to be hosting #nalitchat on Thursdays at 9 PM EST. These chats will last one hour, and will discuss a wide range of pre-determined topics. Each Thursday, one of us ladies here from New Adult Alley will be joining EJ Wesley to help moderate these discussions.

You can stay up-to-date with topic selection, previous chat transcripts, or more discussion throughout the week by following the NALitChat blog (or click the image above) or by following & tweeting with @NALitChat on Twitter (or click the image below).

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This Thursday, July 26 at 9 PM EST is the debut #nalitchat on Twitter. Along with EJ, I will be moderating the chat, and we are both so excited about this upcoming night. The topic for this week is the 5 Ws of NA -- What is it? Who writes it? Where does it get published? When does NA happen? and Why is it important? 

So really, what is #nalitchat all about? 

Simple: it's about discussion.  It's about any person remotely interested in New Adult literature and writing coming together for an hour each week to discuss the things that are really important to us as a community. It's about agreement and disagreement and creativity, and using these things to further define where New Adult literature is and where it's going. It's about inviting absolutely anyone to be apart of an open forum and to focus the spotlight on this category so many of us here, around the Alley, really love and support and want to nurture.

And who is this EJ Wesley?

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EJ Wesley is the host and creator of #nalitchat. He tweets, he blogs, he writes, and really, he's a guy on the Internet who wants to do something active for the world of New Adult.

A few months ago now, EJ tweeted at our blog saying that he was going to start discussing New Adult, and he was going to start using the hashtag #nalitchat to do it. We thought it was brilliant, and several tweets strung together led to EJ and I (on behalf of the Alley) discussing how to put together a scheduled, weekly Twitter chat. Finally, EJ and the Alley can show you what we're doing and everyone involved in this undertaking is incredibly stoked to begin chatting with readers & writers about all things New Adult.

So this Thursday, I can't wait to see you on Twitter and to discuss the 5 Ws of NA with you. All you need to do is sign into Twitter a little before 9 PM EST and start tweeting with the hashtag #nalitchat. In preparation for this event, EJ has posted a helpful guide to successful Twitter chatting on the NALitChat blog, so if you've never participated in an event of this style, be sure to read that. If you want to do a little preparation for the topic this week, I point you to our own Resources page here in the Alley, where you can read up or refresh your memory on the discussions that have already been taking place around the Internet. And don't forget that the most important thing you can do for each chat is just share your own experiences, your own hopes, and your own needs for the world of New Adult.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Intern's Tale: NA Author Shawn Keenan


Hello, Shawn! Thanks a million for joining us. Introduce yourself to the world!

Thanks for the chance to be featured on your site!  I’ve been writing for a few years now and have two completed novels.  The Buried Covenant is about a teenager who is tied into an ancient covenant and learns he has certain physical gifts to enable him to fulfill his responsibilities, should he chose to do so.  The Intern's Tale has been described as Camelot steampunk, which I thought was cool.  It’s set in the future after a devastating war has forced the country to embrace a new feudalistic order.  I live in Florida with my beautiful wife, two kids, and two ungrateful rescue dogs that surely wouldn’t destroy so much of my house if they understood how indebted to me they are.

You've said that your books are NA; because although the characters are younger than most NA characters, they are not in high school and they deal with edgier issues. Can you elaborate? 

While The Buried Covenant fits the traditional YA mold, The Intern's Tale fits more comfortably in the phantom genre of New Adult.  The protagonists, Kip and Abbey, are not in school but working in lowly positions at Vassalcorp, one of the all-powerful corporations whose knight-executives lord over The Incorporated Realms of America.  While Abbey is looking to buck the restraints of a male dominated society and avoid an arranged marriage, much of the story deals with Kip’s decision to abandon his childhood dreams of knighthood.  YA typically deals with problems of the moment, crushes, and peer-pressure issues.  I think NA is a place to see characters decide who they want to be, fall in love for a lifetime, and make sacrifices for a greater good.

What is The Intern's Tale about? 

In a nutshell (which is a strange place to put anything other than a nut) The Intern's Tale is an adventure with unlikely heroes fighting a system that no one dared question for a hundred years.  In The Incorporated Realms, power is held by a few at the expense of the many.  Kip starts off inside the system (albeit at the bottom) and discovers, with Abbey’s help, that he’s on the wrong path in life.  Just like in real life, there’s time for love, humor, and fast friends along the journey.   

What inspired you to write a book like this? 

I love the aesthetic of the middle ages and the concept of chivalry.  I wondered what life might be like if in the future something cataclysmic happened that caused us to go backward, to embrace norms and standards from that time in a futuristic setting.  So in the story, there are mechanical horses that ride like motorcycles, a tumbler that looks like a dragon, and swords that retract and extend with the push of a button.

Last question: what are some words of advice that you would offer to aspiring authors who are writing in the NA category? 

I think I’m the one who needs advice!  I love writing in the genre.  I think it’s extremely freeing.  You lose some of the restrictions on you in the YA market, but you don’t have to make everything heavy and deep to feel all adulty (new word).  I think people with a passion for writing about this time period in people’s lives between childish naivety and adult cynicism should write these books and the market will follow.  I think the genre will take off when readers see what it offers and inspiring books are in print that people start talking about.  

Connect with Shawn on his blog, Errant Author, right HERE! 
You can also find his books on Kindle right HERE!

Thanks for dropping in, everyone! 

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